If you are looking for Shoreline Ceremonies styled marriage celebration, you are on the right page. It is true that you are stepping into an important phase in your life and I congratulate you both.

Gwen at Shoreline Ceremonies will help you with all kinds of marriage ceremonies like:

  • Classic or vintage
  • Traditional or informal
  • Small or grand
  • Short or long

No matter what type of ceremony you want, when you want or how long you want, Gwen is here to help you.

We follow the Six Steps of Shoreline Ceremonies for every ceremony.

  1. We meet for the first time. You need to book me when I am free. We shall talk in brief about how I will be able to incorporate your ceremony.
  2. If you liked our meeting and flow of ideas, you can book me for your date. I strictly follow, ‘One day; one ceremony’ policy.
  3. Once we have booked a date and agreed on my service, we meet together again and create a detailed ceremony
  4. I will send you your personalized draft of the ceremony
  5. We will rehearse it (it is optional but recommended)
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy your ceremony

All you need to do is to fill the contact form and email it to me. For convenience, make a time for the first meeting at least four months before the wedding date. This will ensure that I will be free for your planned date. . If I am free on the date, we can continue with the next step of the process.

Shoreline Ceremonies strictly follows the ‘One day; One ceremony’ policy where only one ceremony would be held on one day.

The first meeting is free with no attached obligation. You will know on first meeting whether you would like me to help you plan your ceremony. I look forward to getting to know you, hearing your story, your requirements and ideas.

Book the date. Once the booking is completed, we will meet again to chat about the details of the wedding ceremony including what type of ceremony you want.

Soon after you will receive a draft copy of the ceremony by email, changes can be made, we will be in contact until you are satisfied.

There should be at least three months gap between the draft copy and the ceremony so that you can make any changes with ease, these will be made after your approval.

To keep things on track, it is highly recommended that we have a rehearsal of your marriage ceremony at the venue. People think a rehearsal is a waste of time, in my experience practice reduces nerves as people know what is expected of them on the day. If your attendants respect you they will be happy to attend.

Your Shoreline Ceremonies Package will include:

  • Free access to extensive resources to assist you with your preparation samples of ceremonies, symbols, rituals, music, readings and others
  • Unlimited phone and email in addition to our scheduled meetings
  • Presentation copy of the ceremony
  • Offer an on-site Rehearsal highly recommended
  • Marriage accessories supplied including sound system, candles, table and chairs for signing the register and others as per your request
  • Presentation copy of your Marriage Ceremony and a printed Marriage Certificate
  • Preparation of all legal documents in accordance to the law.